"Play Guitar The Right Way" Lessons with David Dusek


Hello! My name is David Dusek and I would love to have the opportunity to show you how to play guitar the right way with my step by step system of Guitar and Ukulele Instruction, here at Paradise Beach Music… I am an experienced musician, having played with both bands and solo performances… Let’s have some fun! Just give us a call at the store to set up a time to get started!

I have been Teaching all ages and all guitar styles for over 30 years, in music schools throughout Florida. My teaching style is both fun and educational and is done in a very relaxing environment, in Private rooms here at Paradise Beach Music. I teach ukulele, acoustic guitar and electric guitar in a simple and straight forward manner that will keep you at ease and having fun learning to play your chosen style of instrument. If you don’t have an instrument, you can borrow one from us for your first lesson, to determine if this is for you… this is a no pressure approach. We offer many new and used instruments at our store for sale for our students, that will fit your budget …while you determine your path. It’s Fun!

We gear the lessons to each student’s specific guitar styles and what they want to learn play… then set up a practice format for their specific goals. Whether the student is a beginner, advanced, or somewhere in between… this format keeps the learning experience moving along from lesson to lesson and is proven to promote a player’s growth, while maintaining the fun!

Left hand finger exercises on the fretboard are used to increase finger dexterity, speed and control. At the same time, righthanded picking exercises and techniques will be developed for control, fluid movements and speed. These are simple exercises that are repeated in class and in your practice sessions, yet provide steady growth for the player, without overwhelming the student.

Why is this done? Practicing with both hands, will develop both sides of the brain to work in unison and allow us to move on to learning patterns and scales… and for the higher level player, provide the additional connection to those patterns for imprecision.

We will study how to properly play chords… how to change from one to another smoothly and how to improvise to improve the creative balance of the sound.

We will learn the strumming and note picking patterns and styles that are available for different genres of music, as well as flatpicking and fingerstyle of playing.

We can teach you guitar and fretboard theory and note reading as well as tablature. This will be your choice, but it will provide a solid basis for your music adventure, so you can develop sight reading and how to play by ear as well. 

Learning to play your favorite songs can start within a couple weeks of your lessons, based upon the student’s willingness to practice and follow the plan set forth… but you will learn to play those songs and you will improve your skills, if you do your part! We will help you attain those goals … play those songs… learn those riffs and rock with your friends!


Electric Guitar Lessons


$30 for a 55 min. Lesson

It's Time to begin Guitar Lessons... You can do it!  Learn to "Play Guitar The Right Way" with David Dusek.  He can teach you Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Blues or Classic Rock, Classical or  Fingerstyle & Bass.



Ukulele Lessons


$25 for a 45 min. Lesson

I'm retired and I want to play the Ukulele!   

With David Dusek, I'm actually doing it... I can't believe it!  Lessons with David are fun and I look forward to it every week. If I can do it, so can you! Lessons times are available on Thursday, Fridays & Saturdays. CALL US TODAY TO SCHEDULE A LESSON!


Acoustic Guitar Lessons


$30 for a 55 min. Lesson

You can learn to play the guitar sing your songs, jam with your friends or write your     own songs, David can help! David will teach you the songs that you want to learn.  CALL US TODAY TO SCHEDULE A LESSON!